Lumicor designs, develops and manufactures innovative architectural panels and resin solutions for architects and designers to enhance spaces with light, color, texture and shapes. Their architectural resin panels bring an element of design inspiration, mood and light play to interiors using natural, man-made and digitally inspired designs.


Textiles weave the softness of fabrics into translucent resin panels to evoke natural warmth or elegant drama. The combinations of colors and textures offer an astonishing array of possibilities for creating a distinct and memorable space.


Natural decors bring an organic touch to a space, be it a woodland forest or an African savannah. The materials bring the warmth of the outdoors to the people who experience it, using botanical elements such as golden prairie grasses, ivory rice paper or autumn’s falling leaves.


Impressions embossed décors add depth and pattern to a translucent surface. These artisan panels are crafted by hand and can promote health and well-being by infusing a hint of nature and texture into any space. Impressions decors can be combined with many colors, finishes or other subtle fabric decors to create a custom combination. The possibilities are endless.


Metallic decors give your space urban geometry or shimmering mesh.

We’ll help you create the perfect balance between visually striking and functional

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